Family & Hostage Support

  • Overview
  • Services
      • Information
      • Personal Support
      • Practical Support
      • Facilitate access to free specialist services
      • Governing principles
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The main services we provide are:


  • Helping to make sense of what is happening
  • Helping families to prepare for meetings with the authorities and other stakeholders, and understand the information they share
  • Accessing information about the place of kidnap or kidnapping group

Personal Support

  • Emotional support and self- care advice
  • Guidance on how to support other family members, including children
  • Connecting with other family members and hostages

Practical Support

  • Resolving issues with third parties with whom you have accounts, policies or contracts with.
  • Liaising with your employers or educational institution
  • Interacting with the media

Facilitate access to free specialist services

  • Legal advice
  • Financial advice
  • Medical and dental assessments
  • Mental health support

Our support is not limited to these services. Each kidnap case is different and unique challenges arise. If you need something, ask us. If we can help, we will.

Governing principles

Our family and hostage support services are governed by a set of core principles:

Independent: We are independent of private interests, including governments, law enforcement and employers. The Hostage charities are solely dedicated to the practical and emotional needs of hostages and their families.

Confidential: Our support to our beneficiaries is entirely confidential. We will only make enquiries on behalf of families or former hostages with their express consent or at their request.

Kidnap Resolution: We recognise that the process of resolving a hostage situation can be overwhelming for families. We provide emotional support in these phases, but we cannot assist in this area. There are other organisations better placed to carry out this role and we can help beneficiaries contact them.

Open-ended: We are here for families and former hostages for as long as they need us. People can come to us for support during a kidnapping, straight after the release or many years after a kidnapping.

Free of charge: Our family and hostage support services are free of charge.  We are funded by individual and organisational donations and grants, and we also gain our own income from our education programme.

International: Hostage International supports families of those who are kidnapped or arbitrarily detained and former hostages taken outside their home country, wherever they live, and whatever their nationality. We have trained volunteer caseworkers based in countries including Australia, Canada and across Europe, delivering support in English and a growing number of languages including French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Arabic.