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Hostage International relies on the generosity of individuals and organisations to be able to deliver its vital services.

Without financial or pro bono contributions, families and former hostages would be unable to access the dedicated and professional support needed to help them through their ordeal and overcome the unique challenges they face.

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Global Reach

Hostage International has supported hundreds of families across the world with issues such as government liaison, emotional and mental health support, supporting children, health and dental assessments, handling the media, legal and financial services.

‘It’s difficult to describe the feeling of shock and despair when we were told of X’s kidnap. It was a world where we had no footing, no map, no understanding of the language: we were lost, unbalanced and floundering.

Throughout the ordeal Hostage UK [now Hostage International] was able to help and support us whether by acting as a sounding board, linking us into similar experiences, explaining the Political and political nuances and background or by simply being available to understand the impact and effect that kidnapping has on all those involved.  Hostage UK [now Hostage International] does not have an enviable task when faced with distraught families but they are prepared to stand by you with deep commitment, tolerance, compassion and rock-solid sense.’  

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Since 2004, we have supported hundreds of people affected by kidnapping in over 29 countries.


Please donate to Hostage International today – our existence and ability to deliver services rely on the generosity of individuals and organisations as well as on income from our education programme.

Donations enable us to provide a range of services to former hostages and their families free of charge, assist organisations to improve their support to employees and their families in the wake of a kidnap, and raise awareness of the plight of hostages and their families- all on a global level.

You can donate to us through the following platforms, or send a cash or cheque donation through the post. Please address cheques to Hostage International and send them to Hostage International, PO Box 507, Manchester, United Kingdom, M28 8EP.

If you are sending a donation by post or PayPal and you are a UK taxpayer, you can boost your donations by 25% at no extra cost to yourself. To do so, please fill in a gift aid form and send it us at [email protected] or by post.

You can follow the impact of your contributions by subscribing to our updates and announcements mailing list; using the sign up form at the bottom of this page.

Get Involved

Get Involved

Hostage International is currently looking for the following professionals to volunteer their time to support former hostages and their families

 UK and Australia

  • Mental health professionals able to offer counselling and support sessions for families and former hostages, including children; and
  • Financial advisors who are able to offer advice and services for families and returning hostages experiencing financial hardship

Hostage International is also keen to hear from people and organisations who would like to fundraise for us. We are an independent charity whose work depends on the generosity of individuals and organisations, both financially and in kind. Contact us to learn more.


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Our Supporters


Hostage International is grateful to the organisations and people who give their time, expertise and resources on a pro bono basis to strengthen our organisation and provide vital services to the families and former hostages we support. Our partners include:



We are also truly thankful to the organisations and individuals who support our cause. The following organisations and people are among those who have donated or raised over £1,000 for us in the last financial year.


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