Our Family and Hostage Support Service is the beating heart of what we do. We support families during and after the kidnap of a loved one, and hostages when they have returned home.

When we are able to help, we will allocate you a dedicated volunteer caseworker who will help you navigate your circumstances. Our support is free, confidential, open-ended and delivered independent of private interests.

Dealing with and recovering from a kidnapping can be a frightening and lonely experience and unanticipated challenges can arise. We seek to make your situation slightly more bearable and help you with day-to-day issues that arise.

Supporting families

We provide emotional support for families who often have limited information about their loved ones in captivity and are not sure who to trust. We also offer guidance around practical problems such as unwanted media attention, financial concerns or legal issues that may arise. We aim to help families manage daily challenges which may be amplified against the backdrop of their loved one being taken hostage.

Supporting returning hostages

We support hostages after their release, who may face months or even years of adjustment to life after captivity. We can help with a range of issues that returnees may face, from administrative tasks (e.g., insurance, banking, taxes, benefits, and any type of form filling) to housing issues, dental care, and mental health. We can research information and also act as a sounding board. We aim to assist with any task that returnees find too daunting to address on their own.