Hostage International delivers tailored training to organisations – both in person and online –  in best practice in family and employee support during and after a kidnap incident or similar crisis. Over the many years of providing training, we have built an extensive portfolio of clients in the corporate, government, non-government and higher education sectors, tailoring packages to the nature of each client.


Our training typically covers a range of topics including:

  • The basics of family support: contact, communication, delivering bad news, family dynamics, supporting children, critical moments, bereavement
  • Family liaison personnel: their role, qualities and skills, training needs, support, challenges
  • Organisational issues: information management and record keeping, family profiling, communication with remaining staff, supporting the family liaison and crisis management teams
  • Media and social media: hostage and family social media accounts, advising children and young people, answering family questions about the media, working with communications colleagues
  • Supporting returning employees following a crisis or hostages post-release: de-briefing, professional support services, preparing for the return to work, ongoing management challenges

In accordance with Hostage International’s operating principles and charitable objectives, the training does not cover kidnap negotiation or resolution.

Proposal phase

To build your team’s training package, we will work with you to meet your exact needs. We take into consideration your organisation’s areas of operation, organisational culture, capabilities, pre-existing knowledge base, policies and budget.

The training can be a stand-alone package or form part of a broader range of training you are delivering to your staff. We tailor the course to what is possible for you and your team – from a half day to two days.

Subject to risk assessments, we are able to send the trainers to your preferred location and also offer online training. We cover a range of topics to help answer difficult questions and are always happy to develop new ones based on what you need. You might want an introductory overview of the various issues that should be addressed when dealing with the family of a hostage. Or, you may be looking for a more detailed drill down into specific areas based on your needs and knowledge base.

We discuss your requirements and put forward a proposal to you with no commitment whatsoever. Contact us to learn more.

Packages and prices

We develop bespoke training packages usually based on half day, full day or two days.

We also offer online training for which we recommend a full day (6-8 hours) of online training to be spread over three separate sessions.

For information on pricing please email [email protected]