Hostage International

Hostage International (formerly Hostage UK) serves the needs of hostages and their families by providing tailored support services and resources.

Our aim is to ensure families of hostages receive dedicated emotional and practical support during and after a kidnap and that released hostages have the same assistance. We believe that no one should suffer alone from this terrible crime.



Our range of services enable families and former hostages to receive high-quality support during and after a kidnapping. Our primary service is our free and confidential family and hostage support service for former hostages and their families. Our education and advocacy services support organisations in fulfilling their family support responsibilities and enable them to hear the family voice and consider their needs.


Based on our experience of supporting hundreds of families for many years, these information pages will give you a comprehensive overview of the considerations you should take if a family member or employee is affected by a kidnap, or if you are returning from captivity.


Our free resources provide a general overview of kidnapping, while our in-depth and downloadable guides cater to families, former hostages and organisations. Our videos consist of interviews with former hostages and family members who reflect on their experience and what helped them, as well as specialists which provide advice on specific areas of support.