Volunteer hiked the Pennine Way for Hostage International

Volunteer hiked the Pennine Way for Hostage International

Former volunteer caseworker Adam Samuels has completed his hike of the arduous Pennine Way through the Great British weather and raised more than £5,200 in the process, but you can still support him here.  Over 16 days he covered 268 miles – according to the guidebooks – although his apps stated  281 miles! 

Adam explains why he is supporting Hostage International:  

I’ve always wanted to walk the Pennine Way, but the incentive grew stronger after I had to step away from volunteering as a caseworker for Hostage International due to other commitments. I still have a deep desire to support the charity in some way so this seemed like a good opportunity.   

In my work as a volunteer caseworker, I helped guide individuals whose loved ones were arbitrarily detained or taken hostage as they grappled with all the emotional and practical struggles that come with that.  Hearing the mix of strength and pain in their voices will always stay with me and moved me to do this challenge for Hostage International.  

As a caseworker and volunteer, I received thorough training and support to ensure that I could offer the best service for those affected by such a terrible situation, and I hope that any monies raised through this trek will help grow the essential work of the charity to reach more people in need.  

Having also worked on the corporate crisis response side, helping families affected by kidnaps, detention and extortion, I have seen the desperate situations that people experience. Unlike crisis response, Hostage International does not work to bring hostages home, but it does help fill the gap in support for families at the worst possible time in their lives – and for hostages after they return.  

I’m looking forward to the walk but with some trepidation. I had planned to do this before I was 50, but unfortunately that ship has sailed as I’ve just tipped over into the second half of my century, and I’m also doing this with slightly creaky hips following an operation. I hope I make it!  

The Pennine Way is considered one of the most arduous of national trails in the UK and stretches for 268 miles, which I hope to complete in 16 days. It was the first National Trail in England running across the ‘spine of Britain’ from Derbyshire’s Peak District ending in the Scottish Borders.  

If my circumstances change then I hope that I may be able to re-join the team at Hostage International as a volunteer, but in the meantime, I hope this fundraiser will help. Please support us: https://www.justgiving.com/page/adam-samuels-1680632771392 

Heading home at the end of the trek with sore feet and knees, I can reflect on what has been an incredible journey. I was astonished by how remote and alone one is most of the time, how much wilderness there is in England, and how beautiful the Yorkshire Dales are. I hope that I’ve raised a meaningful amount for Hostage International.


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Volunteer hiked the Pennine Way for Hostage International
Volunteer hiked the Pennine Way for Hostage International